Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hidden Meal Planner

I was very proud after making my very own magnetic meal planner, but hubby was concerned that it was starting to take over the entire fridge. I still can't believe I managed to hide it all behind the shopping list!

A big shout out to Ross Vasta, whoever he is. Your free shopping list notepad is very handy! Sadly for him, I was more fond of the idea of sticking colourful magnets at the top than seeing his face everyday.

Open the front page and you find this - a mini magnetic meal planner with a maximum of three words per card. The cards were an absolute nightmare to laminate.


After. Yeah, we broke the laminator in the process, but my dad took it apart and hubby helped him put it back together again.

Open up one more time and you see detailed descriptions of what ingredients I might need to add to my shopping list for each meal. Super strong magnets on almost every page mean I can open it up and it will attach beautifully to the fridge, then fold neatly away again once I'm finished.

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