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Hi there and welcome to Amyzingly* Creative! I'm Amy, an out of the box type of person. I'm not that person who makes their own soap or sews their own clothes. Between all the adventures of life, like those I mention on my profile, my quick, cheap solutions are just a way of life.

This website is set up to make it as easy as possible for you to find your way around. The page bar at the top shows you where to find Empowering insights, Fun ideas, Organised solutions and Delicious photo recipes.

You can also send me a challenge by filling in a Challenge Amy! contact form. As an Education major, maybe I can help you find a way to make algebra awesome. Maybe I can suggest a recipe using only the leftovers in your fridge. Or maybe you would just like to have a friendly conversation. Challenge accepted!

- Amy

*Amyzing: A derivative of the word "amazing" relating to any girl with the name Amy. Often used in moments where an Amy displays a quality of good character or acts in a unique way. 
- Urban Dictionary