Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Freedom for the Freezer

Hopefully you've been told by now not to eat yellow snow. I live in the snowless land of Summer and even I know that! But nobody ever told me what to do when the freezer goes green...
We go through fresh food so slowly between just the two of us that we've become a bit dependent on our freezer. Bread, meat, frozen veggies and flavoured ice is pretty much our diet at the moment.

One of the icy poles must have leaked because the bottom left corner of the freezer was all green. The marvellous Mr M has been saying for ages that we need to defrost it, but I didn't want our frozen food to defrost.

Equipped only with a kettle, a little spade thing that came with the freezer, a bowl and a sponge, I tackled the icy green. Little did I know that boiling water would cool to freezing before melting anything. I must have used about 3L to melt away the green ice. 

Thanks to my precious Decor Tellfresh containers, I can now store even more! I normally cut out the name and expiry date to stick inside the containers so I know what's what. It's so quick and easy. With the dumplings on the right I also cut out the cooking instructions.

Yay! Now I can see everything!

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