Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cardboard Camera Wishing Well for $1.75

This weekend we are celebrating the birthday of the Marvelous Mr M! He has asked people to give him money instead of presents so he can buy a fancy camera. The Amyzingly Creative person that I am, I had to make something cool for people to put money into!
I was imagining I'd have to mess around with paper mâché if I wanted the diy camera to resemble the real one, but fortunately for me it was so much easier! In fact, I didn't even use glue or tape or anything until the finishing touches! The only essential tool was a Stanley knife.

First step: a cardboard box, some thumb tacs and an old medicine bottle.

I was going to print a photo to stick here but I found a digital photo frame which looks soo cool when it's on.

The lens was a sour cream lid, a plastic container I accidentally cracked a while ago and some cloth tape from Bunnings (that's the $1.75) 

The top was just a milk bottle cap, a random knob I found and some more thumb tacs. The 'flash' is where people put their cards. I love it! he has his camera!

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