Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Chinese Restaurant Fried Rice

You already knew it but you were hoping it wasn't true: the secret ingredient is in fact a whole lot of oil. Fortunately, my experiment with less oil and more chicken stock was a success! Read on to find out how I made restaurant quality fried rice in less than 30 minutes!
I adapted this recipe from And by 'adapted' I mean I was trying to follow the recipe but for some reason that just never works out for me.

The 30 minutes assume you have some horribly dry, leftover rice from that meal you cooked three days ago. Perfect. recommends cooking the egg first. Considering my hubby is a tad fussy with the way his eggs are cooked (a.k.a the yellow and white never mix!), this worked out well. Cook the egg and put it aside for later. If I'd followed the recipe here and cooked my veggies now it might have saved me steaming them in the end.
The recipe says that next you should fry your dry rice in oil before adding the chicken stock. Presumably if I had followed the recipe like I did the first time I made it, the rice would now be brown. Instead, it still looks pretty white, but it is starting to look a bit more alive. Things really start happening when I add the chicken stock. It is my personal opinion that this is the real secret ingredient. It makes the rice beautifully fluffy and flavoursome. Next, chuck all your bits and pieces in (including the sauce which I also forgot...)
And todah! Yummy though slightly less oily (or saucy) restaurant fried rice.

I know, I don't follow recipes. But if you do I guarantee it will taste delicious! 

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