Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Family initiation - dining kit

Using 6 paperclips and sticky tape, I was able to create a one set per person dining kit.

Since there are only the two of us most of the time, it would make sense if we didn't use that many dishes. However, after washing eight bowls in one go, I figured something needed to change. I talked to the Marvellous Mr M and we agreed to try and use just one set of dinner gear each. That left me wondering what I should do with the spare dinner gear, not to mention the four different sets of glasses and two sets of plastic cups we have somehow collected.

I thought it might be nice to display our crockery in individual sets. You see, in the ideal world inside my head, visitors can claim a set, use it, and then wash it! I have yet to succeed with that theory, but in the meantime I was able to succeed in my endeavour to make a display.

Here are the much sought after (and usually forgotten) before and after photos:

While I could have used some of the hooks left over from our fridge utensil makeover, I decided to be a bit more thrifty and experiment with paperclips.

An honest review: The paper clips look a bit tacky up close, but they were easy and definitely did the job. At least...for a day. After 24 hours one of the paper clips had fallen off. It could have been easily fixed with more tape but I needed the cutlery so I left it empty. After a few more days, all of the paper clips had sagged and one was so low the cutlery was basically standing on tip-toe, barely relying on the paper clip at all. Fortunately, the paper clips were not really essential to the display. Rather than buy command hooks or some other pricey solution, I think I'll see how the cutlery looks just sitting in the bowls. Yup, just as I thought, still lookin' classy!

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