Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A DIY response to the IKEA wall storage rod

Keen to hang your utensils but not much wall space? Don't have an IKEA nearby?  Check out how the Marvellous Mr M made this utensil hanging rod on the side of the fridge!

Don't tell Mr M, but this project probably didn't save us that much money. The command hooks, wooden dowel and wire cost just over $22 from Bunnings, compared to the $10 IKEA stainless steal Grundtal wall rail and 10 pack of hooks for $1. However, with the leftover command hooks, wood and wire we have plenty of material to make another rod and all the hooks we could ever ask for!

There were a number of other benefits for taking the DIY route (other than Mr M getting to flex his muscles and show how well he can use a pair of pliers). The command hooks are easily removable, which means we could have used the huge wall space above our makeshift kitchen, but we decided to go the safe route anyway and stick it to the side of the fridge. We could also decide our own length for the rod, as well as different lengths for the hooks depending on what they would carry.

The tongs needed the most head space as they hang rather precariously, while the wooden spoons needed a more obtuse angled hook as their small hole does not leave much room for wiggling on nicely. Mr M created these beautiful, unique hooks using nothing more than a simple pair of pliers.

As always, an honest review: the wooden spoons are still pretty hard to get off, and the upfront cost is almost twice that of IKEA. However, the IKEA route would not have worked for us, and this is the perfect temporary solution. It is very sturdy, easily modified and it looks great. Good job Mr M!

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