Monday, 24 March 2014

Colourful Keys in 5 minutes

This project took all of 5 minutes on a rainy day.
What you will need: Nailpolish and the keys you want to paint

I thought I might need pegs but the nailpolish dried so quickly that I really could have just held it. If you wanted to do lots of keys, pegs could be a good idea.

It's really that simple! I just did one coat on each key, by which time the first key had dried and I could do the second coat.

Pretty nifty considering it took me 5 minutes and didn't even require a trip to the shops! 

Now I'll easily be able to spot these frequently used keys among the rest.

An honest review: The nailpolish has gradually worn off and looks a bit tacky now, but it is so fast and effective, I am planning to do a new coat, this time with glow in the dark nail polish so I can find them in the dark!

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