Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sneaky Ukulele Cheatsheet

If I hold any hope of convincing people I can actually play the ukulele anytime, anywhere, I'm gonna have to get creative, Amyzingly Creative. More likely than not, I'm also going to need to be just a little bit sneaky.
I love my ukulele. It was the first Valentine's present I ever received, and it was given to me by the Marvellous Mr M only a few months after our miracle wedding. I wasn't really expecting anything, and I certainly wasn't expecting this, but Mr M put so much thought into it. It came complete with printed song sheets, a learn-to-play PDF on a USB complete with a laptop to start learning immediately, as well as some high quality string to add and a romantic stroll through the bush to play my first notes where only the lorikeets could hear and cringe. While I didn't play it much at first, it has grown on me a lot these past few months in particular, to the point where my fingers are starting to peel! (Sorry if the photo grosses you out)

The idea for this gift probably came as a result of me wanting to bring my guitar camping but never being able to fit it in our small car with all the camping gear. Now, I have an instrument that I find much easier and fits into my handbag! Admittedly, I carry a lot of strange things in my oversized handbag, hence why I was able to win the handbag scavenger hunt last night (bonus points for having a screwdriver).

I like to walk around the park nearby playing my ukulele, and I have been asked occasionally to serenade joggers with a song. But alas! My musical abilities have yet to reach the point where I have memorised more than the typical "Over the Rainbow". Determined to respond better next time, I printed myself a little cheatsheet notebook of songs we sing at church, as well as the most common chords in case I get stuck.

I quickly realised that if I wanted to be really sneaky, I was going to have to stop the pages from flapping around everywhere. 

Since I was already busy getting tangled up with tape, I decided to stick with that as my material of choice. I simply doubled over a long piece of tape and stuck it over the pages, like a belt tucked into a belt strap.

It worked so well, I added a second one to the other side. Now I have no need to worry about the wind revealing my secret! 

Of course, you sort of know my secret now, so it has probably lost most of its secretness...oh well! Maybe you can use this idea to add something sneaky around your house. Recipes on the back of a spatula? Computer passwords under the keyboard! If you don't mind revealing your secret, comment below! I look forward to reading all about it!

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